What a Weekend!

What a busy weekend!  It was also a fantastic one, so I have no complaints!

Friday evening, our little town had a big celebration to kick off the traveling Smithsonian exhibit that will be here until early September (random thought:  by the time it's over and moves on, I'll have a BABY!)... 

Over 300 people spent the evening together at our historic Rock Island Depot, entertained by music and a fun little melodrama that I was lucky enough to be a part of.
A beautiful Friday evening in Waurika!

Eight months pregnant, on stage, outside.  Probably not my smartest move... but a blast!

Saturday was another full day of events in town, but due to the heat I stayed home until it was time to perform again (an afternoon show... it was BRUTALLY hot!).  Then, Michael and I hurried home to shower and change and head to a baby shower that some dear friends threw for us!  It was such a treat to have so many friends gathered together for an evening.  

I was also grateful to friends who had their cameras with them.  I set my phone down once we got there and didn't touch it again for the rest of the night, so I had to steal these photos from social media!  

The BEST cookies!

Most of the friends that came traveled from out of town to be there, and it meant so much for everyone to take time out of their busy schedule to shower Baby C with some love.  (And diapers.  Oh, so many diapers!!)

I planned on attending church on Sunday, but a busy weekend and a late night Saturday meant I accidentally slept through my alarm.  Michael and I spent the afternoon with family, and I spent yesterday evening washing baby clothes and propping up my swollen feet!

This past weekend was the last weekend full of plans for us until Baby C arrives, aside from the necessary shopping trip we will make to get any last-minute needed items.  My calendar is NEVER this empty, and I must admit... it feels AMAZING.  I'm looking forward to getting my house in order (it's a disaster!), getting the nursery organized (another disaster!), soaking up some time with the furbabies before this Little One starts getting all of the attention, and enjoying some peace and quiet. 

On another note:  this COMPLETELY made my Monday morning.  

Sometimes it's the little things, folks.  
Have a great week!


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