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Here I Go Again

After years of blogging, I fell off out of the blog orbit...  and then, I attempted to reenter the atmosphere many, many times.  I could never seem to pick up steam.  After taking time off and my life changing quite a bit, I couldn't find my niche, my voice, my purpose- but I missed writing and I missed the blogging community, so I kept trying.  And failing to stick to it. One spring day, I wrote a "note" on Facebook, in response to a negative post about my hometown.  From there, I was approached about starting to write for my local paper (a weekly column called "What's Right About Jefferson County," that I do for free.  I'm no journalist. Ain't nobody winning a Pulitzer around here anytime soon).  I am so grateful for the chance - and the responsibility- to write on a regular basis again.  Getting back into the habit of writing has re-lit the fire for writing for me and I've once again been toying with the idea of this blog.  Again.  (Have I m

My Hometown

**This column, originally posted on Facebook, began a weekly column for me in my small, hometown newspaper.  Each week, I talk about good things taking place in the area.  This column is titled "What's Right About Jefferson County"... thus, "What's Right" lives here, as well.** This tiny town, nestled low between muddy creeks and covered from above by the shade of decade-old native trees, has been the only place I will ever call “home.” Admittedly, I haven’t lived many other places, and not at all outside of Texoma. And admittedly, my mailing address is in Ryan now, thanks to country-living. Still, Jefferson County is all I need to know as home, and Waurika will forever be my place. Being from a small-school taught me to be well-rounded, and it taught me to refrain from living life in a manner that I wouldn’t want others to know about. I learned that one the hard way at times... but it was still a lesson learned. I’ve never been able to name a “favorit