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The Quarantine Connection.

Man, where have I been? When I come back to this place, it's like visiting an old friend.  It's nice, it's comforting, but also it's a bit sad.  I get sad that I let time, distance, and life get in between this friendship.  I always vow I'm going to visit this space more often... and then I get back to life. So, what has life looked like since my last post, back in the summer of 2018? I'm married. I now have a son, who will be one next month. I've lived through the worst part of potty-training. I've lost a grandparent. I've lost some friends. I've gained some new friends. I've strengthened some dear friendships, thanks largely to technology. I'm feeling more and more "settled" as an educator.  I've continued to work on that life balance of work/family/friends/community/me.  (Still working on it.) I've learned about enneagrams. I've finally become a podcast listener.   We are living thr