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Some serious self-reflection...

More than I would like to admit, I find myself wondering, "Am I good enough?" I'm loud.  (I get louder with wine). I don't mean to, but I interrupt and talk over people.  I always try to let people know I relate by telling a similar story.  Then I realize I may be coming off as a 'one-upper.' I don't mean to harm or offend, but I say things before thinking.   Ok... sometimes I get sucked in to the gossip circle and I say things that I know may harm others. I may come off like I don't care, but I worry about how I'm dressed, how my hair is fixed (or more often, not fixed), and how my makeup looks. I get caught up in my day-to-day and lose track of what is happening in others' lives.  This is even worse now that I have a daughter. I fail   But... I never meet a stranger.  (I become friendlier with wine). I love conversation and get excited when sharing stories with people. I do my best to empathize