About Me


I always feel SO awkward with these.  How much info is too much?  What is worth sharing?  Am I a totally narcissistic for all of this?

Alas, it's my blog and my space, and my number one goal here is to make anyone who pops by feel like a longtime friend... so the "About Me" is pertinent.   Here goes!

My name is Jessica, and I am a small-town girl with a big love for life.  My husband and I have a long and twisted love story that I love to share with others.  We welcomed our daughter into the world in September of 2017, and our son came along in June of 2019. I am an English teacher in my tiny hometown school, and am absolutely in love with what I get to wake up and do each day.
  I do my best to fill my life with laughter, good music, an embarrassing amount of baked goods and LOTS of wine... 

As for what you can expect to find here:  sheer randomness!   Sometimes deep, sometimes shallow, but always genuine randomness.   This space is where I share my world: the people, the places, the music, the mistakes, the lessons and the fun that is had along the way...
 I simply love my life and want to document all of its beautiful messiness, while connecting with other people out there. 

Welcome to Vinyls & Vino.

Welcome to my story.  

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