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In the thick of it.

Postpartum.  What a tricky, tricky time. I am in the thick of it. My daughter is four weeks old.   In just a few days I'll be taking her "1 month" photo, and the thought of it is mind-blowing, heartbreaking and victorious, all at once.   I've kept this tiny human alive for an entire month- if that's not worth a victory lap, I don't know what is. Being an "older" mom, most of my friends have already done this crazy kid thing.  I have had some amazing advice from so many of my mom friends that has truly helped me, but even with all of the advice I don't think I was really prepared for this whole postpartum thing.  I don't think anyone truly can be, and I don't think this is a reality that hits until, like me, you are in the thick of it. Nothing could have prepared me for the moment she and I locked eyes.  From the moment they laid my daughter on my chest, my world changed.  I knew I loved her more than anything, but that "heart