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Are you a pod(cast) person?

                    I have to admit, I am usually one of the lasts to accept new technological norms.               When iPods became a thing, I clutched onto my beloved CD collection with all that I had.     When Netflix stopped shipping DVD's and became a streaming-only service, I canceled my account. I JUST bought a firestick for our living room TV when quarantine began. Maybe "technology" isn't the problem, but more that I haven't been quick to accept new ways in which to receive entertainment.  (Weird sentence?)  Same goes for podcasts. "I like talk radio.  Why do I need a podcast?  I'd rather just listen to music... " Until I was introduced to a few podcasts, that is.   Now, they are almost all I listen to when given the chance.  When I'm cooking or cleaning in the kitchen and my family is in the other room...podcast.  When I'm driving.... podcast.  When I'm working my side gig (#teacherlife)... podcast.  When I'm SHOWERING....

Is It Just My Imagination?

As soon as I learned I was pregnant with our first, I began a running list of things for which I prayed.  I prayed for her to be healthy.  I prayed for her to be kind.  I prayed for her to love music.  I prayed for her to be smart.  I prayed for her to be born with a love for God burning in her heart.  I also prayed for her to have a vivid imagination. I was an only child until I was seven years old.  I kept myself entertained quite well, and had a pretty wild imagination.  I was always making up games, stories, songs... and friends.  I had SEVERAL imaginary friends throughout my first 7 years- and what's strange is how vividly I still remember them. I had Sara and Cara, the twins.  One was 10 and one was 12 (I obviously didn't understand how twins worked).  Sara had red hair, and Cara had green hair... they didn't stick around long.  Then, I had the buffalo.  Three, to be exact.  They lived in our backyard, and would play with me when I played outside.  Again, they were co