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Just a quick catch-up...

...and just like that, a month has passed and I haven't blogged.  The best of intentions don't always pan out... So, here's a quick look at the last month: Work had me traveling a bit over the past few weeks, and I spent a couple days with my best friend and her family during one of my trips.  It was great to get some time with the Smith family... especially this little love-bug, Garrett.  He's going to be one year old this weekend!  I won't get to celebrate his birthday, though.... ...Because these two are getting married!  We've had lots of wedding showers over the past few weeks, including this one held by Lucas & Lauren's church family in Lawton.  During this photo, their pastor was putting them to the test with a game of "Who knows each other better?"  It's going to be surreal to watch my baby brother become someone's HUSBAND this weekend, but I am so excited for them both and am anxious to help celebrate their big da