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A post I NEVER thought I'd be writing...

I am officially 23 weeks and a few days into this pregnancy, and I finally decided to commit to sitting down and talking about it all.   From the day I learned I was expecting, I imagined myself blogging about it on a regular basis... then life continued and I never allowed myself the time.  Plus, there were the usual thoughts of "Who would care to read it?  I don't have anything groundbreaking to share!  It's not like being in this situation makes me unique....".  Well voices, be damned.  This is pretty groundbreaking for me.  So, here's to sharing. I must start by declaring that this is something I could have NEVER imagined. Due to a few cards that life had dealt me (and I few I had drawn myself) I never really expected to be pregnant.  In fact, I was "this.close" to discussing options for a hysterectomy with my doc.  That consultation appointment was scheduled... and it became the first ultrasound appointment, instead. In true "Michael and Je