A Labor Soundtrack...

So I'm not putting together a "Birth Plan" for Baby C's arrival... the plan is to get this baby here safely, plain and simple, by whatever means necessary.  I do have a few specific requests for after he/she arrives, but I'll save those for another post.   The one prep "to-do" on my list that I currently obsessed with is my playlist for the big day.

Kinda silly, right?  I know.  But if you know me, you know music is extremely important to me- and if you don't know me, Hello.  My name is Jessica and music is extremely important to me.

When I sat down to start building the playlist, I envisioned lots of fast-paced hip-hop music, much like my running playlists of days past.  But as I started thinking about it all, I realized I'd like calming, relaxing music.  I don't think I REALLY need Salt N Pepa telling me to "Push It," do I?  So, I decided to opt for more soothing tunes...

I started making a list of artists with whom I associate being "chill."  Then I started thinking about motivational songs.  Then I started thinking about a few Christian songs I love.  Then I started thinking about how I probably need SOME of those fast-paced hip hop and r&b songs... you can see how this got out of hand quickly.

Now I'm staring at my iTunes account, lost.  I need guidance.  Or, if we're being truthful, perhaps an intervention...

Did you make a L&D playlist?  Any helpful tips?   Any must-have songs?  


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