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This past week:

I went hard into wedding planning mode (seeing as how we only have about 4 weeks left, it's about time I did...).  We shopped, we worked on details, and I have managed to cross most of my tasks off of my to-do list.  Still working on our playlists, so if you have any suggestions for must-play songs, throw them my way!

I also enjoyed Michael being home a lot this past week.  His work-load was pretty light, and it was so great for he and Scarlett to have some extra time together.  Celebrating the Fourth mid-week made for a fun change of pace!

I bought this dress from Amazon in a couple of shades, and after wearing it this week, I want to go back and order every color available.

It is so comfortable and effortless, but doesn't forfeit style.  (Note:  Sizing isn't too off, but in order for the dress to hang as it does in the photo I would consider sizing up.)  I have a feeling I will be living in mine for the remainder of the summer...

It seemed like Scarlett grew leaps and bounds- not so much physically but developmentally.  She has become so much more expressive, inquisitive and adventurous this week.  We have also watched her problem-solving skills unfold, and she is beginning to retain and repeat so much that she is learning. (If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen her blowing kisses yesterday!)

I had an amazing facial.  I've never really treated myself to things like this, but now that we have a licensed esthetician in town, I decided to give it a try.  I'm now hooked.  I've already booked another.

This next week:

The OITNB trailer is coming out tomorrow!  I can't wait for Season 6 to come back in July, and seeing the trailer means that we are that much closer!

I'm looking forward to getting back into my morning exercise routine.  It's been almost two years since I've laced up my running shoes, and I'm nowhere near ready to get back to running- but starting Monday morning I'm going to start taking Scarlett on regular walks along the county roads near our house.  It will do us both some good to get outside and get some fresh air (before the temperature gets too high!) and it will help me MOVE again.  This summer, I feel like I've barely moved- unless crawling around on the floor with a 10 month old counts.

I'm working in my classroom.  I've spent some time here and there getting my room cleaned and organized, but now it's time to rearrange and make room for the computers and file cabinets that I am inheriting since I have taken on the school newspaper and yearbook class.

I'm continuing the wedding planning.  I'll be wrapping up d├ęcor buying, finalizing the menu, and putting some more time and thought into the playlist.   I love making playlists for all sorts of occasions, but this one has been particularly daunting!

the Ranch Rodeo will be going on in our small town.  This is a Chamber event, and one of my favorites each year.  I didn't attend last year (I was too pregnant.  It was too hot.) and I don't know if Scarlett will really be up for it this year (lots of dirt and heat for a baby...) but I always love the excitement and fun it brings to town.  (and the cowboys!) ;)

I hope you're wrapping up an amazing week, and gearing up for another great one ahead!


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  1. That dress is so cute! I've seen so many people raving about dresses from Amazon lately, I think I need to get on the bandwagon!


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