Our Fourth of July

What a busy few days we've had!  (For this mama, the busyness was a welcome change from the monotony of summer break so far!)

Michael worked like crazy last week shipping cattle, so this week was pretty laid back.  Monday off, Tuesday half day, Wednesday off, a partial day Thursday... and he'll be getting off work a little early today, too!  With all of this "daddy" time, Scarlett found herself turning in to a Daddy's Girl again. (This made Michael happy.  And Mama happy.  I got a break!  Whew!)  We loved having Daddy home with us.  They absolutely wore each other out with all the playing!

 We spent the Fourth at my Happy Place- Waurika Lake.  I've been so blessed to grow up near a lake. (Although, growing up near a lake in Oklahoma isn't a hard task!  They're everywhere!)  We spent some time with family at a campsite, then took a boat ride, and Scarlett took her first dip in the water (which really means we held her and let her legs get wet.  She tries to drink from any bit of water that gets near her mouth... no WAY we are letting her drink lake water!)

After the lake, we came home and cooked burgers for Michael's mother, aunt and cousin for her birthday.  It's always so nice to have people out for visits.  We live so far out that visitors are far and few between!  
Since Scarlett's bedtime is well before dark, we skipped fireworks this year.  Luckily, we are able to see several displays from towns all over our area from our house, so Michael and I slipped outside after Scarlett was asleep to watch a few along the horizon.  (We LOVE having a video monitor with a long range.  Yay, technology!)  It was a bit of a bummer to not watch one from a closer range, but was for the best for our girl.  I know I shouldn't want to rush things, but I'm already looking forward to getting to watch a fireworks display with our own little firecracker in the future!

I hope you all had a Happy Fourth! 


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