Bad Days, Good Music

How do you handle your bad days?

Generally, I go home, to my mom's or to a friend's and drink wine.  After a couple of glasses and good company (even if that just means me and my iTunes library), things always seem better.

Since Baby C entered the picture, wine hasn't been an option, obviously.   One nice thing about pregnancy is that my hormones are SO all over the place, that a bad day doesn't seem to last long anymore.   When I just can't shake one of "those" days, I tend to curl up at home, eat sweets, and sleep.   What can I say- I'm a simple creature.

One thing that has ALWAYS helped me with those funky days has been music.   Before wine, during wine, and while wine hasn't been an option, music has always been there to turn things around, or at the least to see me through.  So when I heard this song by a "new-to-me" musician named Ashley McBryde, I instantly connected.  Then, when I heard her tell the story behind the song, I fell even more in love.  That turned into a few youtube searches, and well - it's safe to say I have a new girlcrush.   Rolling Stone called her "an Arkansas red-clay badass with the swagger of Hank Jr. and the songwriting of Miranda Lambert."  Yep, I'm now a fan.  (Also mentioned in this Rolling Stone article is Jo Smith, another new fave.  Check her out here!)

And here's my go-to playlist for getting out of a funk- although it changes often!


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