Lazy, Lacking Motivation, and a little sickly...

Thursday night I had wine with family.   Then I came home, crawled in bed and awoke Friday to find myself in enough pain to warrant taking a pain pill (something I never do) and curling back into bed (something I do every chance I get).  Without going into details, I'll just say this:  my life has been pretty gloomy the past 3 days, and I'm SICK of staring at the walls of my home and having to lie down to stay comfortable.  (I'm ok- I'll be going to my doc soon, so this isn't a plea for sympathy.  All's well!)

When one lives alone and can only stay comfortable by lying down, one gets bored.  Very bored.  Housework slips, hygiene gets neglected... needless to say, it's not pretty around my house at the moment. 

I could have spent the last few days working on getting caught up on some writing, but instead I've slept and watched reruns of Cougar Town (seriously, greatest show in syndication right now).   I could have caught up on blogs, read through the stack of magazines growing on my end table, or managed to move enough to do some laundry.   Instead, I've played hours of Gin Rummy on my phone, browsed Pinterest and slept.

Point of the story?  I'm the LAZIEST person I know, which is hard when deep-down I am a Type-A Virgo who has 1,000 irons in the proverbial fire.  I tell myself the lack of productivity is ok, because "my body needs it," but the truth is, I'm just flippin' lazy.

Today, I'm feeling better than I have in days and am working on getting my house in some sort of presentable order (for all the company I never have); tackling the stack of dishes that have seemed to multiply in my sink (I've been sick and haven't been cooking- where do these dishes come from?!) washing linens, dusting, sweeping... but it's Football Sunday and my Saints are playing, so I keep finding myself perched on my couch, yelling at the TV and checking my Fantasy team scores instead.  The struggle, I tell you- it's real.  (#thingslazyandspoiledpeoplesay)

I'd love to be more productive- I LIVE by lists, but find myself neglecting them lately, sickly or not.  If anyone has any motivation tips or tricks, I'd love to hear them!  ...but you may have to wake me to share them...


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