My August Spins...

A few of the songs I've been obsessed with this month....

Vice by Miranda Lambert.  
I'm usually 'on-the-fence' about Miranda.  I like her well enough.  Saw her at a music festival years ago, and she puts on a great show.  I own a few of her songs, but she isn't exactly a favorite, and her songs usually wear on me after a few plays.  This one, however- AMAZING.  I can't stop listening.

Ophelia by The Lumineers.
This band can really do NO wrong, in my eyes (ears). 
 I'm really wanting to add this album to my vinyl collection.

In Bloom (Nirvana Cover) by Sturgill Simpson
This one took me some time.  When I first heard it, I HATED it.  But after hearing it a few times, I've grown to love Simpson's rendition of this 90's classic.  I love cover songs that really change a well-known song, so I'm not sure why it took awhile for this one to click with me, but I'm glad it finally did!

Ain't No Man by the Avett Brothers
Again, the very first time I heard this on SiriusXM I wasn't sure I was a fan of it.  I love the Avett Brothers, and this was a sound I wasn't used to hearing from them.  I ended up heading over to Spotify to listen to their new album in its entirety, and of course it left me just as smitten as always. 

Love Triangle by RaeLynn 
I don't know much about this artist, but her voice is amazing, and this song is painstakingly beautiful.

What have you been listening to this month?    


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